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David from Texas



from Texas

David is a happy, spirited, kind, and outgoing boy. He loves to laugh and play games with his friends. David particularly enjoys playing video games, especially all things Nintendo. His favorite game, and video game character, is Super Mario. He also really enjoys playing Mine Craft on the computer, game console or tablet. He also enjoys doing artwork, such as painting and coloring. David likes animals, and he could benefit from having a pet that he could learn to care for and enjoy playing with. He loves to play with several types of race cars. He also enjoys building with all types of Legos. David's biggest wish, other than having very his own family, is to have his very own room full of all his favorite toys.

David really wants to have a traditional two parent home. He might also benefit from having older siblings to provide him with support and positive role modeling. David's forever family will be experienced and structured. His forever family will be patient and willing to teach David the things that he needs to learn. His family will understand that parenthood lasts beyond the age of 18, and that David will need their assistance for the rest of his life. His parents would be familiar with resources in their area, or be willing to explore and find resources. They will also be willing and able to advocate for David in a variety of arenas to ensure that he is getting the care he needs and being given the opportunities he needs to succeed in life.

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