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De'anthony from Texas



from Texas

De'Anthony is a fun and loving boy. He is loving and is a great hugger. His interests include playing with peers his age, playing football and basketball, and also going to amusement parks. De'Anthony is very close to his siblings and often talks about family. He does enjoy listening to music as well. De'Anthony can be helpful at times. He likes basketball shoes and basketball attire. He dreams of playing professional football one day. De'Anthony does struggle in school at times but works hard to get his work done. De'Anthony is working on resolving conflict in healthy ways and using communication to voice his concerns with issues and people.

Unique and De'Anthony have a close relationship with one another. De'Anthony is the younger brother to Unique and their love and loyalty to one another is very evident in their interactions with each other. They look up to each other and they both are protective of each other. There is a strong sense of loyalty in their family and this may sometimes cause challenges if one is speaking adversely about their family. Unique and De'Anthony love to do outdoor activities together and hang out whenever they can. Unique and De'Anthony have hearts of gold and want to share their love and all their unique qualities that make them who they are with a special family.

De'Anthony will do well with a two parent structured home or possibly a strong, experienced one parent home. A home with few other children that will allow for her to be the focus, will be a great fit.