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Delan from Texas



from Texas

Delan is a very polite and active young man. He loves to play sports and would like to become a professional basketball player or a professional football player someday. He also aspires to become a "medicine" doctor or a veterinarian because he likes helping people and loves animals. His favorite pet is a bull dog. Delan's favorite subject in school is math because he loves solving division problems. Science is Delan's second favorite subject. What he enjoys most about science is being able to participate in science experiments. Delan said he loves Jesus! He said, "I love how He saved us and put angels above us." Delan's favorite food is fried chicken. While he loves sports and being outdoors, he likes to play video games. Delan enjoys trying new things and is always up for an adventure.

Delan stated he wants a family with a mother and father who can share his faith with him. He said, "I would like to be the oldest child in the home, so I can be inspiration to them, but I am still okay with being the youngest child". His forever family will spend quality time him enjoying indoor and outdoor activities. His forever family will be loving and caring.

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