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Destiney from Texas



from Texas

Destiney is a spirited young teen. Destiney has overcome many challenges since her birth to become a strong and resilient young woman. She is independent and strong willed but also needs close supervision and direction from trusted adults. She enjoys being around other people and is very affectionate. She likes to smile and laugh. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, especially while swinging or going for a walk. She can be very active but she also enjoys quiet time, watching television, coloring, or being read to. She loves to play with large Legos and balls. She loves music and will dance in the living room while listening to music or while watching her favorite cartoons. She enjoys all foods. She isn't picky, but she especially likes fruit, pizza, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese and baked chicken.

Destiney's forever family will be accepting, patient and understanding. They will be willing to help her continue to grow and expand her skillset. This home environment will be structured, with clear, reasonable and consistent expectations. The physical environment will, ideally, include a large yard or space where she can safely spend time outdoors, swinging or playing with balls. She is very physically affectionate, and her ideal family will be very warm and loving. Her forever family will be willing to advocate for Destiney in an educational and medical environment. She needs a forever family that can love and support her well into adulthood. A home with no animals or younger children would be ideal for her. She would do best in an experienced two parent home with strong familial, friend or community supports.

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