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Devon from Texas



from Texas

Devon enjoys school. He enjoys spending time with his foster brothers and listening to music. Devon's new interest is boxing and he is considering taking classes. He is quiet. Devon has played basketball in the past, but decided not to play basketball his freshman year because he wanted to focus on high school. He enjoys spending his time on his cell phone, playing video games, and watching movies. Devon is sweet, polite, and respectful. He is helpful in the home and assists his foster parent with household duties. Devon is looking forward to graduating high school and going to college. He plans to attend TCC, however, he is unsure what his college major will be.

Devon will thrive and benefit in a patient, nurturing, and structured forever home. A positive family who will reassure him that he is safe, in a stable environment, loved, and spend individual time with him will help establish a new foundation for success in his life. Devon does well in a structured environment with discipline and consequences for his actions which are enforced consistently.

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