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William from Texas



from Texas

William prefers to go by the nickname of Bobby. He strives to please others, especially adults. He is very quiet and not as outgoing as his younger brothers. Bobby likes Minecraft, building with Legos, swimming and doing puzzles. He likes drawing and coloring and playing board games. When presented with the option to read or do something else, he will often choose reading. Bobby enjoys spending time with his brothers but often needs to be encouraged to be a kid and not a caregiver. Bobby is very compassionate and has a positive outlook most of the time. He has a huge heart and wants everyone to be happy and to get along. Bobby will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

William (who prefers Bobby), Marshall, and Aiden are three brothers who are full of energy! They are all boy! Bobby is the eldest brother who strives to please others and has a strong desire to be accepted. He enjoys all things Minecraft and currently participates in martial arts. Marshall and Aiden are twins. Aiden has the stronger personality of the two, and he is definitely a leader. Marshall has a strong personality as well. The twins like anything Star Wars. They also like being outdoors exploring nature. Marshall enjoys organized sports, while Aiden likes swimming. All three boys have unique personalities. With support and encouragement, they enjoy spending time together playing board games. This sibling group of brothers enjoy reading in their free time and love being outside, fishing and hiking, and being able to run, run, run.

Bobby will best benefit from a two-parent home. Apart from his brothers, his forever family will not have any other children unless they are significantly older. His family will be dedicated to him and his brothers and will stress the importance of the sibling relationship. Bobby's family will provide him much support, understanding, structure, and consistency. The family will work to prepare Bobby for upcoming changes in routine. His family will love him unconditionally and be patient with him.

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