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Devonte from Texas



from Texas

Devonte is an active teen. He enjoys sports such as basketball and football. He is a big New Orleans Saints fan. Devonte takes pride in his appearance and is very personable. He enjoys his role as a big brother and can be authoritative at times. Devonte appears to have difficulty trusting adults, therefore it is often that Devonte will engage in ongoing dialogue with an adult and offer unsolicited opinions. He continues to work on respecting others and building genuine relationships. Devonte enjoys going to school and is well liked with his peers. As a teenager, he looks forward to more privileges and understands this means more responsibility. Devonte will be successful when he can trust and feel secure in a forever home. Devonte is looking forward to being adopted, but is somewhat hesitant of the unknown.

Imani and Devonte get along as well as most siblings. They love and support each other. As they mature, they are both learning when to give each other space and let a disagreement go. They are both very involved in extracurricular activities and it is important for them to continue to be involved in sports. Imani and Devonte enjoy going to school and are both very well likes by their peers. They take pride in their appearance and are up to date on the newest fashions. Devonte and Imani are excited about adoption but are nervous about the unknown. They long to be part of a family that is going to love and accept them, where they will never have to move again! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

The ideal adoptive family will have strong knowledge and parenting experience. It is important that the parents have patience, structure, routine, and creative ways to redirect behavior. The family for Devonte will encourage recreational and sports activities. These activities assist with his self-esteem, peer relationships, learning rules and boundaries. The family will continue supportive services for him, as needed.

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