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Dina from Texas



from Texas

Dina is a youth who bursts with love and affection. She enjoys singing and sharing her beautiful voice. Dina loves music and finds this helps her through her rough days. She is also a gifted writer and enjoys expressing her feelings through words. Dina has bouts of sadness but does not allow this to keep her down. She is talkative and also a good listener. Dina enjoys being independent and expressing her feelings. She at times needs direction and guidance to lead her in the right direction. Dina is able to form bonds with people and is genuinely caring to all those in her life. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Dina will do best with a family who is able to understand her obstacles and help her overcome them. Dina loves animals and young children so a family with plenty of faces is most welcoming. Dina is at her best when she is given positive praise and a structured environment that also allows her to still have age appropriate independence. The family for Dina will continue to help her in her life journey and provide her with unconditional love and encourage her to let go of the past and look forward to what's sure to be a wonderful life for her.

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