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Dora from Texas



from Texas

Dora is a happy, kind, and outgoing girl. She loves to be spoiled with love and attention. Her favorite things to do are arts and crafts playing on her tablet and computer ! She loves taking pictures of her loved ones and printing them so she can look at them all the time. When she is not being crafty, she enjoys singing and dancing her heart out to her favorite music. She also enjoys doing tik toks in her spare time. When she becomes upset, she needs time by herself to calm down or to go on walks. She collects crystals and enjoy looking at them. Going shopping, to see a movie and eating out are also some of her favorite things to do. Her favorite foods are Chinese food, fruits, and plain lays potato chips. Dora is ready to find my forever family.

Dora's forever family will be loving and structured. She is able to thrive when she has individual time from a caregiver. Her family will be active and go on a lot of fun outings and adventures. She will do best in either a two-parent or single parent home with at least one mother figure. Dora's forever family will allow her to maintain positive relationships.

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