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Ellijah from Texas



from Texas

Ellijah is an extremely smart and creative youth. His hobbies include reading, playing video games, playing with Legos, and trying to solve Rubik's cubes. He enjoys school, especially history, English, art, and science and reports enjoying completing his school work. Ellijah enjoys a variety of foods and especially likes trying different things. He takes pride in taking care of his belongings and likes things to be neat and orderly. Ellijah wishes to become an English teacher when he gets older. He is a very persuasive and crafty child who is able to advocate for himself. Ellijah benefits from supervision to ensure he is making safe decisions. He enjoys conversation and wants to be able to express himself in a healthy way, but does become frustrated when he feels like he is not being heard. Ellijah is a bright teenager who is eager to find a family to call his own!

Ellijah will do best in a family where he is the youngest child and/or has older siblings. A forever family for Ellijah will need to have patience and provide him with a lot of positive reinforcement, structure, and security. The family will need to have a willingness to set boundaries and follow through consistenly. A structured and predictable environment is important to Ellijah. A family with trauma-based training would best suit Ellijah and his needs.

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