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Ethan from Texas



from Texas

Ethan is a very quiet boy who needs assurance when meeting new people or new situations. It takes him quite some time to become comfortable with new people. However, once he becomes comfortable he opens up and becomes very chatty. He enjoys playing soccer and would like to be on a team. He really likes school and really enjoys reading mythical books. He enjoys being with other children of similar age. Ethan is very full of energy and welcomes opportunities to be outside running and playing. Although Ethan is shy at first, he welcomes new challenges when they are presented. Ethan is an avid reader of mythical books and really likes Percy Jackson. Ethan will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Ethan's forever family will be very patient and accepting of his past. His forever family will work with Ethan to help him transition into the family unit and will support him during the process. Ethan would do well in a two-parent home. He would benefit with having a brother close to his age, who shares some of the same interests. His forever family will provide structure and routine. He would do well with family pets. He has no preference as to living in an urban or rural area.

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