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Everardo from Texas



from Texas

Everardo is a very sweet, kind, and gregarious youth. He makes positive connections wherever he goes and loves making new friends. He loves to spend his time outside playing his favorite sports (tennis, golf, and volleyball) as well as camping, swimming, and surfing if he is near an ocean. Everardo also enjoys watching comedy movies and playing video games. He is very goal oriented and takes pride in his academic achievement. He hopes to do well in school so he can attend college and one day become an attorney. Everardo is primarily Spanish speaking, but he can understand English and is quickly becoming more fluent in English daily. Everardo is an outgoing youth who hopes to be adopted into a loving, caring, and nurturing forever family.

Everardo would love to be adopted into a loving and supportive home. Everardo's forever family will provide structure and routine. His family will provide and care for Everardo into adulthood.

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