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Gabriel from Texas



from Texas

Gabriel is full of energy and has a great imagination. His interests include playing with toys and video games, as well as watching movies. Gabriel is shy until he gets know you but once he warms up, he is very outgoing. He is working on improving his social skills and is learning about conflict resolution. At times, Gabriel requires redirection when he becomes overwhelmed. When Gabriel becomes upset he can express negative behaviors but has made much progress in accepting responsibility for his actions. Gabriel is working on maintaining appropriate boundaries. Gabriel begins every day like it is a new opportunity. Gabriel receives supportive services at school to help him with concentration and to stay focused. His interest peaks with subjects he finds intriguing.

Gabriel will do well in a two-parent home, with lots of support from the community and extended family. He will do best if he is the only child, or if he is the youngest child. Allowing Gabriel to have positive role models is where he has had much success in the past. He needs a structured home environment with a good routine. Gabriel will do best with parents who are able to provide positive re-enforcement when something is done well, and redirection and choices when a rule is broken. Gabriel really likes to be active and will benefit from activities that will increase his self-esteem.