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Gabriela from Texas



from Texas

Gabby is an outgoing, kind, and delightful teen who has a social and compassionate personality. She is curious and inquisitive about what is happening around her, and wants to be involved and have an input in her life. Gabby is an active reader and enjoys listening to music. She likes to learn new skills, and has shown an interest in cooking and singing. Gabby is excited about planning for her future and has a strong desire to achieve her goals. She is vocal about her wants and needs. Gabby is able to make friends easily and enjoys spending time with her friends. Although Gabby enjoys school, she benefits from receiving encouragement and support when she is off-task or struggling with her school work. Gabby is loving and quick to form bonds with people she can trust and considers family.

Gabby desires to have a family. Gabby wants to feel secure, loved, and supported. She needs a family who will love her unconditionally and will always be a source of support. Her ideal family will be involved in the community and allow her to participate in extra-curricular activities. The best family for Gabby will be active, open in their values and beliefs, enjoy music and artistic activities. Her family will be patient, open minded, and committed. Her family will provide quality, individual time with her to make her feel safe and loved.

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