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Gilberto from Texas



from Texas

Gilbert loves to joke around and be goofy, he's naturally a humorous young man. Upon first meeting, he can be shy and quiet as he man take a bit of time to warm up to others. Once, he is past his shyness, which isn't usually a very long time period, he will show his true happy and silly self. Gilbert likes being around his foster family and his peers, he is described by those who know him to be a very sociable young man. He finds happiness when he's able to exert some energy outside whether it is by playing basketball, football, any other sport, or going on a new adventure. In his down time, you can find him inside relaxing whether he's watching a movie, tv, or playing video games. Gilbert will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Francisco, Gilbert, and Abelia are a sibling group close in age, they care for one another, they love each other, and they all have their own different personalities that make them unique from one another. Francisco is the eldest of the group, he tends to keep to himself and likes to fly under the radar a bit more than the other two. Francisco cares about his younger siblings and although it may not be very obvious at first, he has a very big heart. Gilbert is the outgoing and socialite of the group, he's lighthearted and can be seen trying to make others laugh constantly. Abelia is the youngest sibling, she likes to be helpful around the home and do typical girly things. They are a bright young bunch, they do very well in school and have an even greater potential should they have a family to encourage them in their education.

Gilbert's forever family will provide patience, love, and understanding but in a structured home. His family will include him and his siblings on frequent family outings, he wants to be supported in any activities he may choose to participate in. Gilbert would do best with a father who can be a role model to him. Gilbert, like his siblings, would consider it a bonus if they can cook pho for him.

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