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G'quan'taviu from Texas



from Texas

G'quan'taviu, who prefers to be called GQ, is an outgoing youth who receiving attention and individual time from adults. He likes eating, laughing, and telling jokes. GQ enjoys swimming, basketball, and playing video games a great deal. At times, he struggles with expressing his feelings, though he has learned many new coping skills he uses to help resolve conflict and express his feelings in healthy ways. GQ loves to go shopping a whole lot. Dressing in style is important to him. GQ is the type of child who likes to fish. He would enjoy fishing his peers and anyone who would take him fishing. His favorite foods are Takis, tacos, and burgers.

GQ has always said he would love a two-parent home with a mom and dad. He will benefit from a patient and loving family who will guide him along his journey. The family best suited to meet GQ's needs will be caring and understanding regarding loss and abandonment. His forever family needs to give him love and all the attention he desperately seeks, needs and deserves. They will provide GQ with love and affection.

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