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Graveille from Texas



from Texas

Graveille is a loveable child who is fun to be around. He enjoys the company of those he trusts. Graveille likes to watch children's movies and cartoons. He also enjoys listening to music and playing with toys that have lights, sounds, and movement. Graveille is attends school at home and enjoys learning new things. He interacts with his teacher through the use of limited body movements, sounds, and facial expressions. Graveille seems to really enjoy the interaction with his teacher. He likes to be talked to by others. He enjoys sitting in his wheelchair outside on the porch. He also enjoys going to the park and hiking in areas that are accessible to him. Graveille is a sweet child who is known for staying in high spirits throughout the day.

Graveille needs a family experienced in caring for a child with medical needs. His family will be receptive toward professionals who will assist in the home care for him. Because of his needs, Graveille will have lifelong developmental and medical needs. It is important his family have access to resources and be a strong advocate so that all his needs are met. He requires close supervision and lots of one on one attention and loving care. The forever home for Graveille will be loving, nurturing and stimulating.

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