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Haiden from Texas



from Texas

Haiden is a fun child who likes to spend time outside, climb things and play soccer. He is happy, funny, nice and sweet. Some of his interests include playing video games, planting flowers, and gardening. A few of his favorite video games are Minecraft, Call of Duty, and sports games. He is a fan of the Phoenix Suns basketball team. His favorite foods are pizza, tacos, ice cream and hamburgers. Haiden likes to talk and can discuss a broad range of topics like sports, television, school subjects, and cartoons. He can be shy at first but opens up the more he gets to know you. Haiden enjoys hearing jokes. He is a kind and polite child with good manners. Haiden voices his opinions and expresses what is on his mind. He does require some re-direction during conversations if he gets distracted. Haiden does well with charts, chore lists and things that are outlined. Haiden is learning better ways to be cooperative as he can be strong willed and spontaneous. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Haiden will do well in a loving, structured family home. Haiden's ideal home will be open to having his brother placed in their home in the future. He is very attached to his brother therefore it is preferred he remain in Texas.

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