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Haiden from Texas



from Texas

Growing up, Haiden dreams of living a life where he can achieve all of his dreams and where be the quarterback of his family, waiting for his chance to make the touchdown! He is strong and mighty in his convictions. Haiden will stand up for himself and those he loves. Some days, he needs a tight hug to ease his feelings from a rough day. Haiden is always there for those he loves, he will need the same from a family as well. Haiden can be slow to warm up to new people and surroundings. He can be quick to act and not fully comprehend what he is doing. Haiden benefits from require patience, understanding, and grace as he navigates life's challenges. In the school setting, Haiden needs some encouragement and support to push him to excel in his studies. However, when provided with the right outlet Haiden works hard to get what he wants. Football is that outlet for Haiden. He is fierce and obedient, a great defender for himself both on and off the field when presented the opportunity. Haiden is interested in sports, particularly football, and learning new things. Haiden has a great sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh by telling jokes. He also enjoys being able to hang out with friends either by going out or just sitting at home playing video games. Finally, Haiden often finds time to relax and uses music to help him achieve his bliss.

Haiden will do best in a family who has a strong male figure he can look up to and respect. Older siblings and an active lifestyle will be beneficial to him. His family will address his needs with understanding and support. Haiden is looking for a loving family who will spend time with him and reassure his doubts about himself. He will benefit from a role model to show him all of what life has to offer if the right decisions are made, someone to strengthen his social skills and moral compass.

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