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Haley from Texas



from Texas

Looking to inspire and spark the creative endeavors of a teenager? Haley is your girl! She is very comfortable in her own skin and likes to be called Sto. Sto is an "out-of-the-box" thinker which has inspired some of her creative artwork. Sto is very outgoing and has a love for the arts! She is incredibly hardworking, passionate, and driven when it comes to pursuing her passion of costume and mask making. Sto enjoys sharing her drawings and progress on costumes she is creating. Sto is known to work quietly and diligently on her artistic abilities with a clear vision in mind. When given a plethora of materials and a blank canvas, not only can Sto envision the endless possibilities of what she can create, she will amaze you with her finished product. Sto is easy to talk to and enjoys the company of her peers. She takes her responsibilities seriously. Sto has a unique way of working and coming up with her own way of doing something or discussing something to improve an outcome. Sto will share ideas, offer solutions, and offer a helping hand. Sto dreams to own a business where others can enjoy her artwork.

Haley's forever family will be a positive, loving, non-traditional home that will allow her to continue her passion of the arts. Haley hopes to find a family who will allow her to do new and exciting things and engage her in a way that takes her one step closer to reaching her full potential. The best family for Haley is one who will listen attentively without judgment to understand Haley's perspective and ideas. Haley builds trust by having her feelings validated.

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