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Harli from Texas



from Texas

Harli is a female youth that is easy going and enjoys the company of others. Harli hopes to be adopted by a family that lives in the country, farms or has several animals including cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, and other livestock related "pets". She also enjoys watching movies and shopping. She is into the latest fashion and loves to have her hair and nails done. She has an adventurous spirit and is always wanting to try new things. She likes to eat steak and sushi. She wants to be able to continue contact with her supportive biological family once she is adopted. Harli enjoys being outdoors and has a quiet personality. Harli wants to feel included in family activities. Harli will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Harli is waiting for a forever family that lives in the country, possibly farms, and wants several farm animals to help care for. Harli is open to siblings and loves younger kids. Harli wants a two parent home. Harli's forever family will provide for her and nurture her into adulthood.

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