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Iesha from Texas



from Texas

Iesha is a loving, sweet young lady. She enjoys watching movies, and her perfect movie night is enjoying a movie with her family and eating popcorn. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading and dancing. She especially loves gospel music. Iesha began to enjoy reading when she made straight A's in school. She was very proud of herself and the dedication she put into her education. Currently, her favorite book is Dork Diary. Iesha loves to play on the playground and make new friends. She also loves to meet new people. She enjoys art and has goals of becoming a fashion designer. One day she wishes to travel to New York City. She enjoys attending summer camps and spending time outdoors. Iesha will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family!

Iesha aspires to be a part of a forever family. Her forever family will love her the way she is. Her family will be a caring, loving and structured family. Iesha wants an adventurous family. Iesha would do best in a home with a mom figure. Iesha has been observed to have great meaningful relationships with the women in her life.

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