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Isabella from Texas



from Texas

Isabella is an independent youth who enjoys drawing and writing. Her favorite character is Sonic the Hedgehog. Her goofy personality makes her unique. She enjoys laughing and has a strong love for family. She describes herself as kind, determined and curious. She hopes to have a family with a bright future who enjoys doing family things together like playing video games and hopscotch. She enjoys cooking and eating delicious food like tamales, lasagna and pizza. She likes to do outdoor activities such as searching for rocks, jumping rope and running. Isabella does well in school and loves being the best in math.

Isabella desires for a loving and kind family. She will do well as with siblings or as an only child. An active family who is supportive and encouraging will be best. She has rough days sometimes and needs a family who can help keep her motivated when she is down. She would like to live in the city. She has siblings who she wants to keep in contact with and visit. She also would prefer to have a mother and father.

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