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Jacob from Texas



from Texas

Jacob's whole being is animated. To become familiar and in tune to the many other ways Jacob expresses himself is to be rewarded with a bit of self-discovery. It is to recognize the depth of love, commitment and patience that is felt for any child. Jacob is a happy and content teenage boy. His joy in simple things is infinite, which captivates and is a reminder to others of the sweetness of uncluttered simplicity. Jacob's familiar and predictable day-to-day routines should be maintained. He enjoys riding the bus to school, taking the bus back home, and eating snacks after school. Jacob's favorite foods are chicken tenders, French fries, and gold fish crackers. He has become enamored with home cooking and comfort food, but he also enjoys going out to eat at his favorite restaurants. When the food arrives, Jacob jumps up and sits back down, clapping his hands, which is described as his "happy dance." Jacob loves to take car rides, especially to Walmart. He also enjoys watching cartoons, playing with his wooden toys, going on play dates with other children, and participating in family outings. Jacob's body language is expressive, which lets others respond accordingly. Jacob makes eye contact when being spoken to and will point to objects. He also responds to verbal cues, such as directions given to him. He prefers to bump fists to shake hands.

Jacob's forever family will have patience and the capacity to help him cope. He will need a home that can meet all of his needs and provide the structured and scheduled environment that brings Jacob a sense of safety and well-being. His family will also expose him to opportunities for growth and development.

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