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Jaden from Texas



from Texas

Jaden is a very sweet young lady. She is very caring and has an innocence about her. She is verbal and loves to interact with others. She plays well with other children and is super helpful and lovable. She does not know a stranger and is open to meeting new people. She finds it easy to adjust to new surroundings. She enjoys a good conversation and warms up to you rather quickly when you spend time with her. She does well with individual attention. She enjoys crafts, artwork, and watching cartoons. She like to take walks and going swimming. She enjoys animals and would like to have a small dog of her own someday. She enjoys the responsibility of caring for her own pet. Jaden likes to listen to music and watch the Disney channel in her free time.

Jaden will do well in a single parent or dual parent home. Her family will need to be patient and demonstrate the ability to consistently implement a daily routine. She will thrive best with a loving and supportive family who will provide structure. She does well with other children and family pets. She needs to be supervised at all times due to her special needs.

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