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Jaquaylon from Texas



from Texas

Introducing this ball of energy, Ja'Quaylon! The very first thing Ja'Quaylon will tell you is that he loves tacos and McDonalds. He has currently gotten into Pokemon cards. He also loves to play video games, especially Minecraft and Fortnite. He also really loves to go outside and play with his remote-controlled car or a pick-up game of football or basketball. He loves to just be outside soaking up the sun. Another favorite food of his are noodles, but his least favorite food is peaches. Going to church is important to him. At school, his favorite subject is reading and recess. He enjoys school, but sometimes struggles in the school setting. He is very polite and enjoys saying yes ma'am or no ma'am to show his respect. Ja'Quaylon will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Ja'Quaylon's forever family will provide him with a consistent, loving structure where he can thrive. They will need to be excellent advocates for him in the education setting to ensure that he is receiving the best services the school as to offer. His forever family will also take an interest in his schoolwork and give him a sense of pride that his efforts are noticed. This will encourage him to strive to do his best. His forever family will be patient with him as he transitions to his new home. His forever dad will be enthusiastic to play video games and sports with his son, while being a strong role model. His forever mom will be looking forward to nurturing her energetic son into a successful man. His forever family will need to locate services to help meet his therapy needs.

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