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Jasmin from Texas



from Texas

Jasmin is a sweet and caring youth who loves to laugh and has a silly personality. She is very sociable and makes friends easily. She enjoys talking on the phone with her sister and friends. Jasmin enjoys reading, drawing, and watching TV. She is ready to be adopted and looks forward to finding her forever family. Jasmin is a typical young teen girl who has just found interest in boys. It is important for her to be guided in appropriate interactions with her peers. Jasmin enjoys going to school and is very well liked. She requires extra assistance with her school work and does very well when she puts her mind to her studies. It is very important for her to remain in contact with her sister, who is not part of this adoption.

Jasmin needs a very nurturing and patient family. She would like an active family that enjoys going places and doing fun things together. She will need a family that sets clear and consistent boundaries and offers positive reinforcement. Jasmin needs a family that is going to be an advocate for her in the educational community as well as throughout her life. She needs a good female role model who will continue to be encouraging and uplifting.

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