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Jason from Texas



from Texas

Grab a basketball and join this amazing youth for the best game of your life! Jason is an energetic child who loves to play basketball, soccer, and interact with other children and adults. He also enjoys playing video games, swimming, as well as watching movies and playing outside. Jason is a good spirited child who likes to give high fives. He is a Pittsburg Steelers fan. He likes school. It is important for Jason to have a clean space and is tidy. He loves attention and thrives when he receives positive affirmation. He does very well with rewards systems and has something to work towards. Jason is learning to use his coping skills and is always trying to learn new things. He benefits from additional support at school. He does best with frequent feedback and reminders to complete his daily tasks. Jason responds well to private discussions regarding his behavior and excels with supervision during activities. Jason is clean and tidy but will need reminders to do things. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Jason's forever family will offer patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. His family will provide Jason a safe place to express himself and continue to help him reach his goals is ideal. His family will provide him the one-on-one attention and the support that he needs. He would do well in a home with other children who are either the same age or older. There would be two caregivers in the home for him to address his needs and provide him with the level of support he needs. His family will encourage him to participate in activities with others even if it is just cooking dinner. He likes to be a help and has chores that he prefers.

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