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Jason from Texas



from Texas

Jason, who prefers to go by JJ, is a fun loving and silly boy. He does well in school and hopes to be a veterinarian or fashion designer when he becomes an adult. JJ is respectful and enjoys talking with others. He has a creative personality and loves arts and crafts. He likes to make things for the people he cares about. JJ enjoys going to shop, to the movies, and be active. JJ enjoys walking, and says he uses walking as a way to keep himself calm. He also enjoys gardening. JJ loves animals. His favorite animal is a guinea pig and hopes to have one of his own someday. He would be fine in a home with dogs, but is allergic to cats.

The ideal family for JJ will be one who enjoys having fun. His family will like to try new things, teach him, and help JJ prepare for adulthood. The family will be supportive and prepared to be a landing pad for him when he is ready to go to college. His family will be supportive and accepting. JJ is open to any type of family dynamic and will do well with families which consist of one or two parents. His family should be personable and flexible. JJ's family will provide structure in the area of understanding how to make responsible decisions. The ideal family will also allow JJ to explore religion on his own terms.

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