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Javantae from Texas



from Texas

Javantae is an active, loving, and respectful child. His favorite sport is football, followed very closely by basketball and baseball. He loves to collect clothes, especially shoes. Javantae has made great strides is learning ways to appropriately manage his behaviors. At times, he has difficulty concentrating and can get frustrated. Javantae is particularly sensitive when he feels disrespected or to having his family disrespected. Continuing supportive services will help him keep and build upon the coping skills he has already learned. Javantae sometimes requires space and time to process his emotions. In these times, it is best to provide him with the space and time he needs and allow him to come back to process. Javantae is excited about his future and is ready to be a part of a permanent family.

Javantae will do well with an active family who will encourage his passion for sports. He needs consistency and structure as well as nurturing. A traditional two-parent will work best for Javantae. Javantae needs someone to advocate for him at school to help him reach his potential.