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Jeremiah from Texas



from Texas

Jeremiah is a handsome, smart, and talented boy. He is very creative, he loves to draw and read books about vampires. Jeremiah is very helpful in the kitchen and likes learning how to cook and bake. Jeremiah's favorite things to cook are a juicy hamburger or a steak on the grill. He likes watching movies about cooking or learning something new. He also likes to sit and listen to music. Jeremiah has high goals for his future, he plans to attend college after graduating from high school. He recently received his welding degree and stated that he may want to work in this particular field. Jeremiah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He receives additional services and resources in school to help him be successful. Jeremiah is a quiet child who is content being by himself. He is soft spoken and he tends to shy away when he is unsure of himself or from people whom he does not know or feels uncomfortable being around. Once Jeremiah feels comfortable and accepts you, he is very charming and welcoming. He responds best when spoken to in a calm manner. Jeremiah is very kind hearted and loves to laugh. He has a great sense of humor and holds very intelligence conversations. Jeremiah wants to achieve great things in life and wants a loving caring family who will support his needs.

Jeremiah needs a family who will commit to him fully and will not give up on him. He is known for "testing the waters." He tends to be distrustful at first until he gets to know you. Jeremiah wants to be loved and cared for. He needs parents who will take the time to understand him and learn about who he is. Jeremiah will do best with a one or two-parent female family and being the only child or the youngest child in the home. Jeremiah likes having children to play with and is accustomed to being around children his age. His parents will offer him a lot of individual attention. It will also be beneficial for his family to encourage him to participate in social activities and to fully understand Autism. Jeremiah would like a family who has a well-structured life and provide for his needs.

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