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Jessi from Texas



from Texas

Jessi is an outgoing and is not shy. She typically does not meet a stranger. She is good at expressing her feelings, her needs, and her wants. She enjoys writing and drawing in her journal and doing word searches. She also enjoys reading, swimming, and watching tv. She likes spending time with and talking to her older sister. Jessi likes going on outings in the community. She likes shopping trips and adventures. Her favorite foods are spicy chicken sandwiches, enchiladas, and hamburgers. Her favorite snacks are coffee, hot chips, and candy, especially flavored M&M's. She loves animals and aspires to go to school to be a marine biologist. She enjoys horseback riding, fishing, and four-wheeler riding. She has dreams of finishing high school and going to college. Jessi hopes that one day she can work at Sea World. Her biggest wishes are for a forever home and a family that will not give up on her.

Jessi's forever family will hopefully have other kids are around her age. Her family will provide a lot of one on one time with her. Jessi's family will accept and welcome her as she is and will not give up on her. She prefers to have a two-parent family if that is possible.

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