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John from Texas



from Texas

John can be a very sweet youth and is fun to be around. When he makes a joke that he finds funny, he will laugh uncontrollably and those around him cannot help but laugh too. John is also artistic and enjoys drawing and coloring minions and Pikachu from Pokemon. He loves to play games and is very competitive and will enjoy doing an activity until he is no longer winning. John is ambidextrous and athletic. He is resilient and can comprehend things well beyond what other children his age can. John will at times have outbursts when things are not as he would like. John willingly admits when he is wrong and feels remorseful when he displays these behaviors.

John needs a family who has the training necessary to manage a child with difficult behaviors. Ideally, John will be the only child in the family and it will be best if he has a two parent household. John is open to a single parent household but a single parent will need support from family or friends who can assist with caregiving responsibilities. If John cannot be the only child in the home, it will be best if he is the youngest child in the home. John is open to having two moms or two dads. John's only continual request in a family is that they have a pool and pets. John needs an immense amount of attention. He needs someone to sit with him to assist with homework, maintain close supervision of him, and to take the time necessary to bond with him and teach him to trust.

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