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John from Texas



from Texas

Meet John! John is an outgoing, spontaneous, energetic, and bold youth. He has a loving personality and enjoys spending time with those who he builds connections with. John is an average teenager in lots of ways. He really enjoys playing video games and loves basketball. John also likes to draw, listen to music, and loves being outdoors. John's wish is to be a game warden when he grows up. He is very open in expressing his feelings and emotions. He can be very persistent in his desires, which shows his determination. John does well in school. John excels in a structured environment and longs for a supportive and loving family.

John's family will be active and very supportive of his goals in life. His family will enjoy spending time together and have a lot of structure and routine. They will show him lots of love and attention and provide him with lots of approval, pats on the back, and plenty of affection. John will thrive in a well-structured and nurturing home environment which can provide him with stability and love. His family will offer positive re-enforcement, guidance, and supervision. He wants to feel loved and have a sense of belonging.

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