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John from Texas



from Texas

John is a youth who is full of energy and very outgoing! He loves to interact with his peers and participate in sports, especially basketball and football. Sports also help him to maintain a social group and friends with like interests. John is intelligent and does well in school. He maintains high grades in his classes. John is learning to believe in himself and his potential. John has stated that he is working to believe in himself the way others have believed in him. He knows that he has potential and wants to achieve his goals. John is strong minded and focused when he sets a goal for himself. He sometimes must be encouraged to reach his goals and stay focused. John's favorite food is anything spicy, and his favorite activities are lifting weights and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys spending money that he earns at his job.

John needs consistency and structure in his family. He will benefit from a family who has patience and will take the time to get to know John and understand who he is. It is important that John feel loved and accepted. He needs a family who will support his goals and enjoy sports with him.

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