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John from Texas



from Texas

John is a smart and bright youth who loves to play basketball and is very competitive. He always says that when he plays, he plays to win! He reports when he is not on the court, he loves to take long walks listening to music and brainstorm on lyrics. He says that music is an escape and it makes him feel good. He likes to sing and rap. He reports that he also loves to play video games and go live and play with his peers. He reported if he could have three wishes he would wish to be rich, and to have all the clothing and shoes at his fingertips, because he loves to dress and keep up with the latest fashions. John does very well in school. Besides physical education, his favorite subjects are math, science and social studies. John's goal in life is to become a civil or mechanical engineer after he finishes with his NBA career. His favorite foods consist of soul food, seafood, and Chick Fil-A. John reports he has a big appetite and he does not mind eating. He is an energetic and goofy person who loves to laugh and enjoy the company of love ones and friends. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

John needs a home environment with a present father-figure. His's forever home will be structured, but fair. John's forever family will be attentive to his educational needs and making sure that he receives the proper educational supports. John's forever family be comfortable encouraging him to express himself through music and sports.

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