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John from Texas



from Texas

John is an outgoing teenager who is very respectful and well-mannered. John is also very thoughtful and will always think of others, putting their needs before his own. Especially, if it puts a smile on someone's face. John enjoys attending school. He is very smart and does well academically. John has educational goals and plans to further his education in college. He has not decided exactly which career path he wants to pursue but he plans to seek out a career. John is quiet and guarded when you first meet him, but when he feels comfortable, he becomes more relaxed and opens up. He enjoys quality time and doing activities as a family. John likes to listen to music and some of his favorite genres are rock, alternate rock and pop rock. In his free time, John like to draw or build model cars. He takes interest in basketball, swimming, and playing card games.

John's forever family will be understanding. His family will also support him through his emotional concerns. His forever family will be structured and supportive.

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