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Jon from Texas



from Texas

Jon is a charming, energetic, and very respectful boy. He is often very spontaneous, creative, and daring. Jon has a very outgoing personality and likes to learn new things. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, riding his bike, and going on outings. Jon is continuing to strengthen his interactions with his peers and his conflict resolution. He likes animals; he enjoys feeding and taking them for walks. He also likes to play ball with them in the backyard. Jon just wants a forever family who will take the time to get to know him and give him a chance to learn and grow with them. Jon will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family who will guide and support him into adulthood.

Jon's forever family will be structured, caring, loving, and understanding. His family will take the time to get to know him and help him adjust. A two-parent home will be best for Jon, with a strong male influence and a strong motherly influence. He will do best with older siblings or a family with no other children. Jon is open to living in either a rural or a city environment. He will benefit from a family who has specialized training in techniques such as trust-based training. Jon normally does well with pets and likes animals.

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