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Juliana from Texas



from Texas

Juliana (Jules) is a spirited and fun little girl. She loves unicorns and crafting all while having a love to get dirty, go outside fishing and play outside! She is very smart and loves to learn, especially making slide show presentations on preferred subjects like, "How to keep a baby turtle alive." She wants nothing but to be happy, healthy, and loved. She is a very intelligent child and makes high A's in school. She can give you different facts on many different subject matters. She is the expert on planets! No doubt Jules has a bright future ahead! She loves to play with peers her age. She wants to be assured that she will be cared for and loved. Jules is enrolled in Karate and loves it. Jules loves to show off her skills! She is ready for a forever home who will love her for exactly who she is and help her continue to heal and grow.

Jules would do best in a home that is well structured and where she is getting consistent feedback with misbehavior and good behavior. A structured home that encourages Jules to learn appropriate social skills and daily living skills. Jules requires a supportive family who provide guidance and low supervision. Jules would benefit from earning rewards for good behavior. Jules requires patient caregivers who will seek necessary resources.

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