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Justan from Texas



from Texas

Justan is a sweet and endearing boy. He is playful with animals, peers, and adults. He has a spunky personality with an extraordinary imagination. His favorite activities are to play with toy cars and build huge empires with Legos. Justan is learning better ways to be cooperative. At times, he may need direction to comply with adult requests and rules. Justan also likes to be read to and is building on his reading skills. He also enjoys math and art class. Justan's absolute favorite food is hot dogs. He also likes pizza and chicken. Justan likes being active with his siblings, doing such things as running, swimming and riding bikes. Justan challenges himself to keep up with his siblings. If Justan could have one wish it would be for an airplane ride or to have another dog.

Bobbie, Priscilla, and Justan are a close-knit group. Family is very important to them. They all love sports, being active, and doing things together. Bobbie loves working in the yard and can be very helpful. Priscilla is the one who makes sure everyone is doing what they need to do. Justan is the playful one. They enjoy being together but also enjoy time by themselves, especially if it means one-on-one time with their caregiver. Bobbie, Priscilla, and Justan are all working on learning personal boundaries and are making progress. They do not want their past to define who they will be in the future. They all look forward to seeing who they will become in the future, given guidance, love, and patience. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.

Justan is anxiously awaiting his forever home. He will benefit from a strong, loving, patient, and nurturing family who will provide him with a structured and stable environment. The perfect family for Justan will set reasonable, age appropriate limits with consequences that can be enforced.

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