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Justice from Texas



from Texas

Justice is a friendly and reserved young boy. He enjoys playing many sports such as soccer or basketball. His main sports passion is for playing and watching football. Justice is a Dallas Cowboys fan, one of his dreams and wishes would to attend a Dallas Cowboys game at the Dallas Stadium with his forever family. He enjoys playing video games on the X-Box and PlayStation, and enjoys playing different genres of video games. Justice comes off as shy and guarded when he first meets a new person, but once Justice becomes comfortable, he will become very social and friendly. Justice has a good relationship with his younger brother, Julius, and the boys are close and love each other very much.

Justice and Julius are a pair of brothers who are extremely close to one another. Justice is the oldest, he is extremely close to and protective of Julius. At times, Justice comes off as more of a parent figure to Julius than an older brother. Justice is quiet, reserved, and introverted; however, he will open up when he feels comfortable with an individual. Justice makes friends and is social with others. He finds ways to connect over similar interests such as football, video games, Pokemon, and music. Julius is a very sweet and loving little boy, he enjoys being a jubilant and carefree little boy. Julius is very social, outgoing, and friendly. He enjoys showing appropriate physical affection to others, such as hugging and giving high fives. Julius shares many of the same interests such as Justice, like enjoying and playing football, playing video games, and playing Pokemon.

While Justice is nervous about being adopted, he has voiced his wishes to be adopted along with his younger brother, Julius. Justice wants to be a part of a family who will love him and his younger brother unconditionally. He will benefit from a family who will provide support, guidance, and love him. Justice will need a family who will be patient with him in opening up and expressing his feelings, and understand where he is coming from. Justice will need a family who will reinforce and support him in being a child and assure him being the sole caretaker for his younger brother is not his responsibility.

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