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Kaelan from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81861

Kaelan is an intelligent, bright-eyed little boy. He is very spontaneous and outgoing. Kaelan loves playing games, especially video and board games. He is very competitive and thoroughly enjoys winning. He thinks it would be fun to become a "Lego inventor" or a video game designer/tester. Kaelan is independent, strong-minded, and determined. He is very observant of others, especially adults. He must be challenged to maintain his attention. Kaelan engages easily in conversation with others and enjoys debating topics of interest. He has a philosophical nature, which is adorable for a child his age. Kaelan has resided in both rural and urban areas. He recently spent time on a farm and enjoyed helping with the animals and feeding the chickens. He likes learning and experiencing new things and exploring new areas.

Kaelan will do well in a two parent home with at least one strong, but patient, male parent. He will do best as an only child or the youngest child in the home. Kaelan needs a family who will understand and continue to help him process his feelings of loss. He needs a family who will support him in learning new ways to manage his behaviors. He needs an active family that will encourage him to continue to learn new things, such as swimming. Kaelan needs the stability, love, and support of a forever home.