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Kaevon from Texas



from Texas

Kaevon is a lively and outgoing sixteen year old boy who enjoys playing basketball and football, and hopes to be able to play in college. He enjoys music and enjoys writing rap music and journaling. He is generally cooperative and polite with adults, and uses his manners well. He is curious about things around him and readily questions why certain things are done. Kaevon has bonded with caregivers in the past and is described as being charismatic and a likable guy. He is a determined young fellow and can push hard to have things his own way, particularly at school. He can be reasonable and understands his circumstances when they are explained. He enjoys science and english courses as well as history. Kaevon thinks in the future he may want to pursue a field involved with science such as a nurse.

Kaevon's forever family will succeed be loving and consistent structure. He also functions best when he is given options. His forever family will be supportive, loving and caring. T

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