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Karamiah from Texas



from Texas

Karamiah is a unique and creative young lady. She is open and honest about the way she feels. She is described as outgoing and interested to try new things. She cherishes a family bond and enjoys being around people that she cares about. Music is a must for her. She loves writing music and rapping the music that she writes. Karamiah is interested in cooking and cosmetology. She enjoys art, drawing, hanging out with her friends, and talking on the phone. Karamiah loves fashion and collects shoes. She loves going to the mall and finding new outfits. Her most precious possessions are her shoes, phone, and her music journals. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is known for her playful personality. She loves eating at Wingstop and snacking on Taki's. She is fearless when facing obstacles. She is the happiest when she is telling stories about her day and just making conversation and spending time with those that she cares about. She enjoys going to school. Her goal is to be the first member of her family to graduate high school and do what she loves. Karamiah believes she would enjoy being a music producer or in cosmetology.

Kamamiah's forever family will be open minded and support her love of her music. Kamamiah's family will never give up on her. Karamiah's family will allow her to know and learn all that she can about her cultural heritage.

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