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Kayden from Texas



from Texas

Kayden is an energetic, outgoing young boy who enjoys playing outdoors and basketball. He is quiet and shy when you first meet him, but that passes when once he gets to know you. Kayden is, at times, very active and makes friends who enjoy playing basketball and are positive. He enjoys attending games and other sports events. He also has recently shown interest in other sports, such as soccer and baseball. While at the beach or park, Kayden enjoys BBQs and picnics with family and friends. He feels that family gatherings are the best times in anyone's life. Kayden is observant of his surroundings because this helps him to feel safe. He enjoys being with others that make him feel safe. Kayden enjoys helping out with chores and keeping his area organized. Kayden enjoys going to the mall and shopping for new shoes and video games. These are two of his favorite hobbies. Kayden does good in school but is very happy when he is home so that he can play basketball.

Kayden's forever family will be active outdoors and enjoy exploring new places. He would like a sibling that share common interests with him. Fishing is a hobby that would like to learn with a new family and boat rides. Kayden would like to stay in Texas but is open to out-of-state homes. He would like to have a mom and a dad.

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