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Keniahya from Texas



from Texas

Keniahya initially comes across as being a very shy and soft spoken youth. She has a pleasant personality and smiles easily. She gets along well with others. Keniahya does well in school with additional assistance. She is active in church and enjoys weekly church activities. Keniahya loves animals and enjoys playing with the dog at home. She likes larger dogs. Keniahya is a "girly-girl" who likes to have her hair done and get dressed up. She also likes outdoor activities, including going to Six Flags and playing at the park. Kenihaya likes to help around the house and enjoys positive reinforcement when she has done a good job.

Kenihaya will do well with a single or two parent family. She needs a family that will be committed to helping her reach her full potential by ensuring all of her needs are met. She will do well with a family that is active in the community and will allow her to participate in extracurricular activities. Kenihaya has siblings who are not part of this adoption. She is the oldest of the group and has always played a parental role to her siblings. She takes this role very seriously and is proud to be the oldest; however, she will do better with the influence of older siblings.

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