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Keri from Texas



from Texas

Keri is a sweet and shy youth. She tends to be on the quieter side at first, but opens up once she gets to know someone and then has no problem communicating. Keri has an inviting smile and people flock to her because of it. Keri's favorite things to eat are pizza and Mexican food. However, she is open to other dishes and will always try a new food at least once before making an opinion on it. Keri loves playing different sports with friends such as, football and basketball, and also enjoys riding her bike. Keri is affectionate and will reciprocate love, especially when she feels she is part of the family. Keri is somewhat of a jokester, as she loves playing jokes on others and also gets a kick out of jokes being played on her.

Laci and Keri are bonded and want to be adopted together by a loving family. Laci and Keri are twins who love, care, and understand each other. The girls have many things in common and both especially love Mexican food and sports. When one of them faces a struggle or obstacle, they are able to count on the other one to lift them up and offer assistance. Laci and Keri make friends easily and enjoy spending time with them. Both children enjoy being active and participating in extracurricular activities. The girls want to find a forever family who will love them unconditionally and provide them with the support and structure they need to be successful. Visit us at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Keri will benefit from being in a loving and supportive family who is willing to provide a home for her and her twin sister. Keri is very attached to her twin sister, Laci, and is ready for them to be adopted by a loving family. Keri is great with other children and is open to siblings of any age. Keri will love a family who likes to watch movies, play games, go swimming and just be there for her when she needs it.

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