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Leon from Texas



from Texas

Leon is a very outgoing youth! He is a very happy and extremely active child. Leon loves to dance and loves listening to different types of music. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and boxing. Due Leon being an extremely active child, he enjoys burning off his energy by being outside playing. He currently does not have any animals in the home, but he enjoys being around animals. Leon can be a big help around the house, and he loves to help out with tasks. He follows directions well and completes his chores by himself. Like many children his age, he can be easily distracted but can be redirected to focus. Leon is a very respectful youth with a caring and loveable personality. Leon is looking forward to a forever family!

Leon will benefit from a stable, consistent, nurturing home environment in which rules, boundaries and expectations are clearly defined and reliably reinforced with rewards and consequences. Having a positive role model who will take an active interest in his life and help him increase his self-esteem so that he will learn that he can have a positive impact on his environment will be ideal. Leon will benefit from participating in extracurricular activities. Leon would do well in a two-parent structured household or in a single parent structured household in which he can be the focus. Leon's family will be supportive of him maintaining contact with siblings who are not a part of this adoption.

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