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Leslie from Texas



from Texas

Leslie is an outgoing and friendly youth. She enjoys being around friends and having a good time. She values her friendships, as being part of the group is very important to her. Leslie tends to put herself first in many situations. She likes to be the center of attention and wants to be recognized. She prefers spending time with friends rather than being alone. She can work very well independently, when given the opportunity to shine. Leslie enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and surfing the internet. Like most teens, she likes to go shopping and surf on Facebook. Leslie is active in the church youth group and also participated in the church seasonal programs. She is enrolled in public school and doing very well. Leslie is most proud when she is successful at her educational tasks. She enjoys school and her classes, but she struggles in math and benefits from tutoring. She is very athletic and enjoys all sports. She is competitive, but also a team player. Leslie prides herself in her appearance. She is a "girly girl" and strives to always look her best. She likes to fix her hair and wear makeup. She only likes to have her picture taken when her hair and makeup are done. Leslie prefers to live in a city environment. She likes having the convenience of going places to do activities, such as bowling, visiting the mall, and going to movies. Leslie would like to have dogs and cats as her own pets. She is very family oriented and would like to find her forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Leslie stated she will be happy with a single mother or a two parent family. She will do well in a small family setting, so she will receive the attention she desires. She needs guidance and support as she works through issues from her past. Leslie will do well with a family who will continue to ensure she receives supportive services. Leslie has siblings who will continue to reside in Texas. To maintain those family connections, only Texas-based families are being considered at this time.

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