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Liliana from Texas



from Texas

Introducing Liliana! Liliana's vibrant, energetic imagination will make any day brighter. She enjoys playing her Nintendo Switch on a rainy day, but also hopes to have animals to play with around the farm. Her favorite activities are crafts, video games, and watching movies. Liliana excels academically, but at times, she can be easily distracted by others and will need reminders to stay focused. Her favorite classes at school are technology, science, and art. Liliana likes to play with others, and benefits from consistent role modeling from her caregivers to strengthen her interpersonal relationships. She loves just about any food you feed her and can't wait to enjoy one of her favorites- pizza and ice cream on a game night. Liliana hopes to join a home with small animals, like a hamster.

Liliana's parents will be provide consistent boundaries and structure. They will be patient and kind while they are teaching and correcting Liliana in her relationships with her peers and other adults in her life. Her forever family will understand that building lasting and special connections with her will take time and commitment, but the time and effort will reap great rewards with this youth. Liliana's parents will be excited by the idea of walking alongside their daughter as she confronts and conquers her past and uses it to create an even better future. Her ideal family will be one who is active and busy; and who love to have a family video game night or go out to a movie.

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